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Mitchell Singleton


Mitchell had a challenging home life and had always found school difficult – he admits that he was not a model pupil.  However, he left school at 15 having passed a few exams.

He joined BasWorx in October 2017 on the eight week BasWorx traineeship programme, having heard about the traineeship through The Lightbulb, a Basildon based training provider. His motivation from day one was to work hard to earn an apprenticeship position.

Having completed his eight week traineeship, Mitchell had impressed us enough with his skills and dedication that he was taken on to a paid contract as a Multi-trade trainee, where he has gone from strength to strength.

He has passed his functional maths test and, once he has passed his English exam, he will be able to progress on to a full apprenticeship in September 2017.

Mitchell said “BasWorx has been great for me and has turned my life around.  I’ve learned so much since I joined and it’s been great working with the team and learning from the Engineers”.

Carole Pridmore, Assistant Community Gateway Manager at MSPS added “Mitchell is a brilliant ambassador for our BasWorx programme.  He comes along with me to School assemblies and talks to young people who are considering a career in construction about his journey.  He has made such a difference to his own life, if he can do that for other youngsters who have lost their way that would be an amazing achievement”.

Mitchell moves into his own flat and will start living independently at the end of July, at only 17. This is a big step but life is looking good and more settled for him.  We hope he continues as he started and completes his apprenticeship with us.

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