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Work Academies

Chris Gloster


Chris successfully completed the six week BasWorx Work Academy programme which started in April and concluded in June 2017. This included one week of classroom based H&S training, the CSCS test, one week painting and decorating skills training, followed by a four week work experience placement element.

Chris, now 46, has been a Basildon resident since he was 26. He worked as a Warehouse Manager for over 20 years, but was unfortunately made redundant in August 2016. This was the first time he had found himself unemployed and he was job hunting for around 9 months before the BasWorx opportunity arose. He had applied for 353 jobs with only one of these progressing to interview stage.

Chris has a family including a partner and 4 children at home to support between the ages of 4 and 13.

Chris walks everywhere to save money including an hour walk to site every day during the unpaid programme which shows his commitment and motivation.

Chris said “It’s been really good for my confidence and self-worth; even my partner noticed a big change in me. It wasn’t good for me being stuck indoors applying for jobs for hours a day”.

He continued “I’ve really enjoyed the comradery; this programme has brought people together from different aspects of life”.

“I’m starting from nothing, no-one can survive on £101 a fortnight and this is the lowest I’ve ever been now. I like a challenge and want to see what I can achieve. Hopefully there will be the opportunity to make use of my management skills here too”.

“It’s good to find a training course like this which provides genuine opportunities for people and it has certainly boosted my confidence”.

Through completing the BasWorx programme Chris has shown dedication, commitment and personal development. His positive attitude, full attendance, and punctuality along with performance on site and at the interview has meant he has now been offered a full time, paid contract with BasWorx. Within this employment opportunity he will continue to develop his technical skills through completion of the Level 2 painting and decorating apprenticeship and will become a qualified painter and decorator within a year.

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